"Thank you for the wonderful floral bouquet arrangement! It brought a happy feeling for me. I’m a 93 year old lady who loves flowers. It was so kind of you to make the bouquet! It really perked my day!" Thanks again. Love, Margaret
“My mom went onto hospice late September or early October 2014. Shortly after, your lovely bouquet arrived in her room. She always loved flowers. She passed shortly after her 95th birthday that year. When I cleaned out her room I saved the card with intent to send a note. Found the card recently while cleaning out stuff and it brought me joy remembering your kindness. So here’s the card. Just over a year later.”
“I wanted to write to tell you that yesterday our Hospice social worker, Hayden brought us a bouquet you made. What joy you brought us!!! Dad and I have been caring for my precious Mom 24/7. Your flowers were a boost we badly needed. Such a small act of kindness on your part was gigantic to us. A simple “Thank You” doesn’t seem to represent our immense gratitude. May God Bless you for your sweet gesture!”

From the UC Davis Hospice Staff: Thank you from many families. “They brighten the day” and always bring a smile to their face. – Erik Your flowers make my patient’s day during a very difficult time in their lives. Their faces brighten every time I bring them — A thousand thank yous! – Tiffany Thank you so much for all of the beautiful flowers, they bring smiles to our patients faces. – Kathy Thank you so much for bringing joy to our patients! – Sylvia Thank you so much for the lovely flowers – they never fail to bring a smile to our patients faces. – Karen Thank for all the flowers, they bring so much joy to our patients. I truly get a blessing giving them to our patients. – Melinda Our patients look forward to your flowers every week. The cheer and happiness you build into the arrangements makes such a difference. Thank you. – Becky Thank you, thank you, thank you! I recently married a young couple in front of her mother prior to her passing. We used your arrangement to make a bridal bouquet. It was wonderful! – Faith Chaplain Thank you for the flowers you provide to our patients. My patients are so happy when we arrive with the flowers. – Susan